World Entrepreneurs

Empowering passionate People and purpose-driven Organizations and Communities to transform our World together.

Raison d’Être

More than ever, the sustainability and the regeneration of our planet and the progress of our humanity in all its dimensions are in need of our creativity, our universal entrepreneurial spirit, our transformative innovation and our compassionate and collective leadership to inspire and co-create a better and fair World, in which no one is left behind or disconnected from a shared prosperity, a healthy planet and peaceful and equitable societies.

Raison d'Être

We face long-lasting global challenges that are featured by the emergencies of climate change and public health, frequent political turmoil, socio-economic inequalities, civil unrest and humanitarian crisis. While these global challenges are common to All, they manifest in different ways and degrees for each country, each territory, each community and each individual.

In this local-global scenario, our collective wisdom, resources and generosity are essential to create shared value, happiness and abundance for our economies and societies. In other words, our collective effort is key to reduce our inequalities and vulnerabilities, empower girls and women, promote inclusiveness and diversity and protect our fundamental rights to human development, creating decent jobs and livelihoods, fostering our universal entrepreneurial spirit, democratizing access to science, technology, innovation, education and health, and caring for our biodiversity, ecosystems, cultural expressions, well-being and peace.

Let us help each other transform our World with our dreams, ideas, initiatives, knowledge, experiences, talents, resources, thoughts, speech, attitude, actions and compassion. We can start by doing what we can, with what we have and where we are. The journey is always challenging but amazingly inspiring, impactful and rewarding.

Let us take action, lead impact and inspire change, we grow together!

At World Entrepreneurs...

“We believe in the Power of People to transform our World together”

“We need to know with a fresh conviction that we all share a common humanity & that our diversity in the world is the strength for our future together.” – Nelson Mandela 

“At World Entrepreneurs, we believe in the Power of People to transform our World in a better and fair place through our creativity, our collaborative effort and our universal entrepreneurial spirit.

It is our human capacity to transform our dreams, ideas and knowledge as diverse as our humanity into a reality for the benefit of our communities, societies and economies. It is our innate ability to create innovative solutions that improve People’s lives and generate a shared Prosperity in harmony with our Planet; and to integrate and scale our impact through our collective action.

In this spirit, World Entrepreneurs are people leading and inspiring change with their talents, initiatives, projects, organizations and communities to transform our World together, with local impact and global vision, beyond their nature, sector and scope.”

– Leticia Gennes, Founder of World Entrepreneurs

World Entrepreneurs

We are a purpose-driven initiative committed to join global efforts to democratize sustainable human development, empowering passionate People and purpose-driven Organizations and Communities to transform our World, together.


We inspire, support and connect People, Organizations and Communities from different countries and sectors to generate impactful projects, initiatives and solutions, and to work together for a sustainable and inclusive present and future.

What we do

We help design, implement and mobilize support for sustainable development and impact-driven projects and solutions in an entrepreneurial, innovative and collaborative fashion.


We follow a human-centered and results-oriented management and cooperation model to achieve, and help others achieve, sustainable and inclusive development impact, individually and collectively.


We are building an open global-local network of like-minded people, organizations and communities from different countries, sectors and disciplines to work together for a sustainable, human and equitable World, in which no one is left behind or disconnected.


We focus on generating abundance and Prosperity, improving People’s lives and caring for our Planet, fostering our universal entrepreneurial spirit, transformative innovation  and collaboration to achieve sustainable and inclusive development goals together.

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We promote a culture of impact, knowledge-sharing, human kindness, diversity and visibility to inspire and encourage current and future world entrepreneurs to lead change for a sustainable and inclusive World, together.

Our Global Team

We work with a growing network of global and local partners, collaborators and focal points from different countries, sectors and disciplines, with whom we share common goals, principles and values.

Global Team

Together with our partners, collaborators and focal points, we facilitate services, solutions, knowledge and our expertise for the development, implementation and support of initiatives, projects, networks and activities in high impact sectors and topics for the advance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),  locally and globally.

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Key Partners and Clients

Our clients and partners are agents of change from different countries and sectors, for and not-for profit, that are interested and involved in generating, implementing and supporting impactful projects, initiatives and solutions at the local and global level, for a sustainable and inclusive future in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We thank our clients and partners for their trust.